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About DSRA

DSRA: building a sustainable, strengthened, progressive Dietetics profession through supervision.

Dietitian Supervision Resources Australia is committed to advancing the practice and culture of supervision in Australian dietetics for the benefit of the profession, the community and the clients we serve.

We provide accessible, evidence based, practical resources and embody the spirit of supervision through our commitment to collaboration, the sharing of knowledge, and inclusive support.

In 2015 a small group of dedicated APDs identified a need in the profession; Dietitians were looking for more support for their practice, development and wellbeing. It was clear that the profession could benefit from advancing a culture of supervision for members and this became the working goal of a group of ‘Supervision Advocate’ volunteers.  The first task of the group was to develop a series of professional resources for members of Dietitians Australia (DA) to support the practical implementation of supervision. These resources were published for DA members in 2016 and featured in the members’ resource library.

In 2017 broader advocacy took place, resulting in a series of recommendations to the Board of Dietitians Australia to advance professional supervision for Dietitians in Australia. As part of a staged implementation plan, the recommendation to build an online supervision resource hub for members was accepted by the Board of DA. This endorsement led to content development for the hub, supported by a membership scoping survey (completed in 2018 by 241 DA members). The message was clear: Dietitians want supervision and they need help to deliver and participate in it.

Following many years of volunteer collaboration, the advancements accepted by the Board of DA in 2017 were unable to be actualised due to resource constraints within DA. In 2021 a commitment was made by the Supervision Advocacy Team, to build the proposed supervision resource hub privately, as a service to the profession, and DSRA was born. 

DSRA remains in open communication with Dietitians Australia and looks forward to receiving their support.

Welcome to DSRA! We are delighted to have you visit this website and hope you will become a DSRA member to support this initiative. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

DSRA is owned and operated by project lead Tara MacGregor PACFA Reg Clinical & APD. Tara is the driving force of DSRA. She is supported by a team of incredibly skilful APD volunteer consultants all committed to a singular vision of advancing Dietetics through a culture of supervision.

DSRA Consultants:

Beyond the Consultancy Team sits a community of supporters, all singing in chorus about supervision and its value. DSRA is extremely grateful to this community.

DSRA is privately funded as a service to the profession and does not receive commercial sponsorship.

We consider DSRA a community resource so if you have a contribution or suggestion for DSRA we warmly welcome you to get in touch. We are keen to hear from members of the profession to provide inclusive support that adapts responsively to the needs of dietetic practitioners in Australia.

You are warmly invited to become a member of DSRA. Membership is FREE. Membership gives you:

  • access to all resources on the DSRA website
  • access to our data base of supervisors
  • ability to submit and profile your supervision service on our database (for fee)
  • timely notification of all supervision related events and announcements via the DSRA newsletter (don’t worry we won’t spam you!) 
  • a great feeling knowing that your membership helps to build a community to support this much needed advancement in contemporary dietetic practice

If you have a contribution or suggestion for DSRA we welcome you to get in touch. We are keen to hear from members of the profession to provide inclusive support that adapts responsively to the needs of dietetic practitioners.