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Welcome to your next step in building the profile of your supervision service. 

  • Please complete the fields below as required and proceed to checkout. You can edit your profile at any time after listing and update qualifications etc as your service grows .
  • If you are a Dietitian new to providing supervision it is essential that you discuss this development with your own supervisor. If you are at all concerned about your readiness to submit a listing please reach out to us – we are here to help:
  • If you have not yet completed supervision training DSRA requires that you have plans to do so within a reasonable time frame. We can support you find quality training on the Training page or send us an email. DSRA describes quality training as experiential in nature and minimum 2 days with extra for readings. Attending and applying training to practice supports the efficacy of your service delivery.
  • DSRA will contact you once you make your listing to invite you to join DSRA Supervisor’s support meetings and may invite a meeting to talk through your current service delivery. 
  • The items in the form with a Yes/No response will simply be removed from your listing profile if you check ‘No’. 
  • The fee for your annual listing is $49 AU incl GST.
  • Your listing will auto renew annually and you will be given 30 days notice prior to autorenewal.

Thank you for supporting DSRA and contributing to this exciting growth in Australian Dietetics.