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About this supervisor

Claire Toohey


About my practice

I have had the privilege of being supported in a regular clinical supervision relationship from early in my career and as a consequence, highly value the role supervision has played throughout my professional life. Supervision, undoubtedly has enabled me to remain passionate, curious and energised for my work and committed to my ongoing growth and learning.

My aim is to create, in collaboration with my supervisee, a safe space for reflection and growth. A place for the integration of new learning, for authenticity and courage, for challenging and for transformation. Our sessions focus on both passive and active learning through reflective practice and can involve presenting a clinical case or experience in order to gain clarity and develop a way forward, or perhaps a professional or clinical dilemma that requires further unpacking and understanding.

The experience I bring to supervision is informed from many years in the mental health and eating disorders arenas where I work as a specialist eating disorder dietitian across a variety of sites (community, day program), CBT-E therapist, nutrition therapist and clinical supervisor. I have attended a number of supervision training opportunities and receive regular supervision of my supervision. My work is underpinned by client centred and trauma-informed care, utilising counselling skills that draw from a range of models including motivational interviewing, DBT, CBT-E and ACT. I am actively engaged in advocating for dietitians in the mental health and eating disorder fields through our professional body, Dietitians Australia (DA), training events and holding a position on the DA eating disorder interest group, leadership team.

Areas of interest

Counselling Skills (all areas of Dietetics)
Eating Disorders Adults
Mental Health
Reflective Practice (all areas of Dietetics)

Qualifcations & background

Bachelor in Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)
Years of professional experience: 20+ years
Years of experience as a supervisor: 10-15 years
Completed Supervision Training: Yes
My supervision is supervised: Yes
HAES Aligned Practice: Yes

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