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Fiona Sutherland

Accredited Practising Dietitian, CEDC, Registered Yoga Teacher

About my practice

Hello, and welcome to DSRA!
I'm Fiona, APD and Director of The Mindful Dietitian.
I am passionate about supervision, having had both the experience of NOT being supervised in my early years as a Dietitian then contrasting it against how it feels to be in a highly supportive supervision partnership. I bring years of experience in Eating Disorders, Weight Inclusive Care and Sports Nutrition and bring a commitment to high quality reflective practice to my work as a supervisor. I have done a number of my own trainings in supervisory practice over a number of years, and have a ongoing commitment to my own growth as a person, and in my Supervision work.

I provide 1:1, Group and Supervision of Supervision (SOS) services, and open up new groups towards the end of each year.

I am a Yoga Teacher, mindfulness devotee and nervous system nerd, all of which I find incredibly useful to bring to supervision. A big part of my own personal and Dietetic practice is centered around Trauma-Informed care which has completely revolutionised my own practice. My primary counselling modalities are ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and MI (Motivational Interviewing), both of which I find so useful in my own practice as well as supervision.

My current work-related focus points are supervision, education and training of Dietitians – both students and graduates – and consultancy to organisations. As someone with a serious training and book-buying problem (seriously!) I am an eternally curious learner, the spirit of which I bring to the supervision partnership.

Areas of interest

Counselling Skills (all areas of Dietetics)
Eating Disorders Adults
Motivational Interviewing
Reflective Practice (all areas of Dietetics)
Sports Nutrition
Supervision of Supervision

Qualifcations & background

Years of professional experience: 20+ years
Years of experience as a supervisor: 10-15 years
Completed Supervision Training: Yes
My supervision is supervised: Yes
HAES Aligned Practice: Yes

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