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About this supervisor

Kate Fleming

Accredited Practising Dietitian, CEDC

About my practice

I welcome dietitians seeking supervision of their practice, especially those working with clients with eating and body concerns. In my private practice, I work with both youth and adults experiencing eating disorders and body image distress and I am committed to providing care that is neurodiversity affirming, trauma-informed and weight inclusive.
The experience and passion I bring to supervision is informed by many years supporting individuals and families struggling with eating disorders, eating and feeding difficulties and body image distress. My nutrition career has seen me work in both inpatient and outpatient settings for those with eating disorders, intensive day program services and in the private practice setting. Today, I enjoy leading a small (and amazing) team of passionate Dietitians within a specialised eating disorder practice and have the privilege of working alongside a team of psychologists with whom we collaborate. In this arena I work as an eating disorder dietitian, a nutrition therapist and as a clinical supervisor.
My clinical area of expertise is in youth and adult eating disorder presentations, and more recently the intersection of neurodivergence and eating difficulties.

I started supervision more than 10 years ago and it has continued to support my learning, provide connection, enhanced my practice and enable me to grow as a dietitian. I have attended a number of supervision trainings and receive regular supervision of my supervision. I bring to my role as a supervisor this rich and rewarding experience, I hope to create an environment of mutual learning and respect, a safe place to reflect, be curious and feel supported to grow.

Areas of interest

Counselling Skills (all areas of Dietetics)
Eating Disorders Adults
Eating Disorders ARFID
Eating Disorders Child and Adolescent
HAES and Weight Inclusive Health Care
Motivational Interviewing
Reflective Practice (all areas of Dietetics)

Qualifcations & background

BSc. G.Dip (Nut & Diet)
Years of professional experience: 20+ years
Years of experience as a supervisor: 5-10 years
Completed Supervision Training: Yes
My supervision is supervised: Yes
HAES Aligned Practice: Yes

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